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Kings Golf Academy, founded in 1996, provides world class instruction in the heart of downtown Toronto, year round and climate controlled. This allows you to maximize your time and improve your game. The convenience and comfort of Kings location is enhanced using “state of the art” teaching equipment. Kings also provides the best in outdoor, short game and playing lessons through associations with Angus Glen GC and Royal Woodbine Golf Club & Copper Creek.

Clubs and equipment are provided for lessons and practice.


A 25% improvement in a player’s handicap is remarkable. Any study of golf ads will show you that the industry as a whole is selling quick fixes. “Pay $700.00 for a driver and achieve your distance and accuracy goals. Pay a $1,500.00 and attend a four-day golf school. Pay up to $400.00 for a single lesson with a Tour guru.” The gadgets and breakthroughs are endless yet golfers rarely improve. That is not the case at Kings.

Ben Hogan wrote that anyone of average athletic ability is capable of maintaining scores in the 70’s. We agree! Everyone who proclaims to be a golfer has from time to time produced Tour level shots. The addictive nature and personal challenge of the game is to reproduce those shots on command. To be a golfer is to strive to unlock mysteries of the game and become the great player within.

“Quick fixes” DO NOT WORK! Focused regular practice while applying specific personalized drills DOES WORK. Kings feels that real change comes from gradual incremental development. Kings programs are tailored to each student’s schedule. Change occurs over weeks and months. The greatest players in the world are continually looking to improve. Swing changes are introduced in manageable amounts. The success rate of Kings students far exceeds industry standards. Your quest to improve is a lifetime journey, let Kings be your guide.